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"I've been heavy-set my entire life. I was the largest of three sisters. I was always active, but I ate fast food like no tomorrow and never realized how big I was getting. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was wearing a size 18.

But I was "Cute?? As they say. LOL "I never really took my weight seriously. People would tell me, "You're cute to be chunky'," but I took it as a compliment and kept eating my double cheeseburgers. "I'm doing comedy! I'm getting noticed as a REAL COMEDIAN!!! 

it wasn't until I started performing on stage that I realized people are right up on you. They see everything! While I was telling jokes, I was always pulling down my shirt so people wouldn't see my stomach ROLLS.

"I was going on road trips with big names in the business! Traveling for free!

Five-star hotels. Livin' the GOOD LIFE! But then here's the problem -- I was done performing about 12-1 am. By then, I was hungry.  What's open that late? FAST FOOD! GREASE JOINTS!  Often the only choice.

 1st Season of Def Comedy Jam 1996 Weighing 240+​ Size 22-26?

For the first time in my life, I was disgusted with myself!  I decided I needed to do something about my weight. (of course I took two more bites out that Taco Bell Chalupa before I threw it in the garbage)

When I arrived back into Chicago, I went straight home, stood in the middle of my kitchen and said to myself..."FOOD IS NOT GOING TO KILL ME!!! I dumped everything THAT I KNEW  I HAD NO BUSINESS EATING from my refrigerator and cabinets, IN THE GARBAGE!. I had made up my mind to get on some sort of "health trip": And my weight loss Journey began!

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Jan 2021 

​I did this almost every weekend for 3 years, which easily added 15 to 20 pounds to my already-chunky frame. But I still felt "CUTE".  I'll never forget that night -- it was about 2:20 a.m. and "BET COMIC VIEW" aired and guess who I saw on TV... Me! 

I was sitting in my Plush Hotel room, eating three Chalupas from Taco Bell. I had to put my food down to really look at myself. The crowd was laughing, but I wasn't.  I looked like I weighed 3,000 damn pounds!.
I had no idea, Television put 10 ADDITIONAL pounds. 

I was heavier on TV then off!  I think I saw smoke coming from my thighs from rubbing together walking across that stage!!.