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For the first time in my life, I was disgusted with myself!  I decided I needed to do something about my weight. (of course I took two more bites out that Chalupa before I threw it in the garbage)

When I arrived back into Chicago, I went straight home, stood in the middle of my kitchen and said to myself.."FOOD IS NOT GOING TO KILL ME!!! I dumped everything THAT I KNEW  I HAD NO BUSINESS EATING from my refrigerator and cabinets IN THE GARBAGE!. I had made up my mind to get on some sort of "health trip": And my weight loss Journey began!

The Weigh We Were Fitness Feature:

 1st Season of Def Comedy Jam 1996  Weighing 220+


​I did this almost every weekend for two years, which easily added 15 to 20 pounds to my already-chunky frame. But I still felt "CUTE".  I'll never forget that night -- it was about 2:20 a.m. and "BET COMIC VIEW" aired and guess who I saw on TV... Me! 

I was sitting in my Plush Hotel room, eating three Chalupas from Taco Bell. I had to put my food down to really look at myself. The crowd was laughing, but I wasn't. -- I looked like I weighed 3000 damn pounds!. I had no idea, Television adds 10 ADDITIONAL pounds. I was heavier on TV then off!  I think I saw smoke coming from my thighs from rubbing together walking across that stage!!.

Excerpt from the book:
WORST MISTAKE WOMEN MAKE: “THE ASSUMPTION” 'When you cross that ‘thought-line’ of what 2 people mean in each others life AND YOU start to create this ‘fantasy love world’ you stir up confusion and assumption, they both WILL lead to disappointment & heart break.

Stay in your lane sistas’! You can’t be the driver and the passenger. You can see an accident coming if you simply pay attention to the ‘traffic’

Funny Lady Sonya 'D' is known to bring the funniest most REALISTIC material to the stage.

From Stand-up to Public / Motivational Speaking...


​​Which One Are YOU?  Know YOUR PLACE in a Relationship!

Interviews, Speaking Events,
Special Event Host, Media/Press​ 

‘Like any GAME, you need to know what SIDE you’re playing.

Don’t ASSUME anything and then wake-up and find out you’re not even on the TEAM!’

I don’t care...
How many gifts he’s bought you…
How many times you go to dinner/movies…
How many times he’s spent the night over your house…
How many times he walked out the bathroom with a towel on…
UNLESS he literally TELLS you (from his mouth)

how he feels about you in the way YOU want to hear it…
you mean NOTHING more to him then what he sees;
and it will never change. So get the fuck over it!!

"I've been heavy-set my entire life. I was the largest of three sisters. I was always active, but I ate fast food like no tomorrow and never realized how big I was getting.

By the time I was a senior in high school, I was wearing a size 18.

But I was "Cute?? As they say. LOL "I never really took my weight seriously. People would tell me, "You're  cute to be chunky'," but I took it as a compliment and kept eating my double cheeseburgers.

"I'm doing comedy! I'm getting noticed as a REAL COMEDIAN!!! 

it wasn't until I started performing on stage that I realized people are right up on you -- they see everything! While I was telling jokes, I was always pulling down my shirt so people wouldn't see my stomach ROLLS.

"I was going on road trips with big names in the business! Traveling for free! FIve-star hotels. Livin' the GOOD LIFE! But then here's the problem -- I was done performing about 12-1 a.m. By then, I was hungry.

What's open that late? FAST FOOD! GREASE JOINTS!  was often the only choice.