"Funny Lady Sonya D": CEO of the Give Back Comedy Tour.

Using comedy to create avenues of GIVING BACK to the Community. 



"Funny Lady Sonya D": CEO of Super Deal Printing.

One of the most affordable Graphic Design, Printing Website, Marketing and Advertising Services.


A Degree in Psychology,

Funny Lady Sonya D, is hired for many events as a Motivational Speaker. "No Sugar Coating". That's the way she gives it to you. If you ask her a question, you better be prepared to deal with the truth.

Though, Sonya is and had been seen on varies comedy stand up television shows in which the material is slightly "edgy", you can also catch her performing for many Churches, Teen / Adult Mentor and Corporate events:

"You will NEVER work in this game if you think a joke is only funny because you swear"... SD

•Living Word Christian Center,
•Sudden Changes Ministries,
•Holy Father in Thine name,
•Upper Room Baptist Church,
•Official Host for The Great Lakes Navel Base

Military Yearly Ball,
•Better Boys and Girls Clubs,
•Local and National High school Events,
•Incarcerated Male and Female Motivational Events.

Interviews, Speaking Events,
Special Event Host, Media/Press​ 

36 City National Comedy Tour - Launching in 2019


There really is no Resume or Bio that can hold

the many talents of  Funny Lady Sonya 'D'.

Simply just have to wait and see

what she creates next!

Only Talent Showcase TV Show

Where the Artists are


  • Writer / Director
  • Marketing, Advertisement & Distribution Guru
  • Product Creation and Branding
  • Massive Consumer Reach
  • Graphic Design & Print Services

True Visionary! Period!

"Funny Lady Sonya 'D'" is probably the only Female Comedian in the BUSINESS, that can go from telling jokes to creating GREATNESS!

 Comedian Sonya 'D', is now in the final development stages of building  a massive Marketing and Advertising platform, that she created for Merchants to advertise their Business, Product and Events to over (currently in her database)  15+ Million Consumers!

Unlike Daily Deal sites, like Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local, who take 30 - 80% of Merchants hard earned money, "Discount Dazzle" WILL NOT take a % of Merchant profits. Discount Dazzle is Data Partners with Huge Corporations like 'Orbitz", Six Flags Theme Park, DSW Shoes and adding more as they approach the Official Launch!  Estimating over 25 Million Consumers in their database in the 1st year of business. Discount Dazzle will officially launch in the summer of 2019.

Sonya "D's Marketing/Advertising services are acquired by some of the largest event venues to assist with promotions. Sonya is HIRED as an event HOST or booked as a Headliner Performer, for many events, due to the fact she has the capability to reach a massive amount of consumers, in ANY area of the country!


"Funny Lady Sonya D": CEO of Juz Jokkin Comedy Club.

Nominated in the Book of "Who's Who" for being the 1st African American - Female Comedian, to ever open a comedy club to date.  Juz Jokkin Closed it's doors in 2010 and now partners with other venues to produce

​comedy events.  OPENING NEW CLUB IN FALL OF 2019

Host of her OWN New TV Show!

Talking to the Funniest Comedians in the Nation!

Giving NEW Comedians a chance to shine!

​***In Production-Mode***