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Her best friend said... "I will give you $50.00 if you do it". Now, keep in mind, about a week before this conversation, Sonya  called her friend and asked her, if she was kidnapped and needed a $5.00 ransom, would she pay it?. Her friend told her..'Well you better get to know the kidnappers because you gon' be there awhile if you wait on me to give them that $5.00'. This is the cheapest woman in the world. To offer $50 WHOLE dollars, Sonya knew it was a sign from... THE HIGHER POWER!

​​​​​~~It all started with a $50 Bet.

April 1993. Funny Lady Sonya ‘D’ was driving her 18 Wheeler, Post Office Truck

(yes..She has a CDL License) when her best friend called and told her there was a comedy competition at the Cotton Club,  once located on Wabash Ave, in Downtown Chicago. Sonya said.."So... and?. Her friend replied...

"I think you should get in it. Sonya said.."Girl, if you don't shut-up'. 'I'm not getting in no stupid comedy competition". "I don't even like most of the Comedians on TV.

Half of 'em are not even funny...